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Biz Connections
Biz Connections is a network of buyers, sellers and services providers connected to share and exchange information, products and services. Consumer goods, mechandise, food and commodities, business to business services, tutoring services, baby-sitting and job training are some of many services provided by members in the network.

To be part of this network you have to be a Pro Member. Once a member you'll be able to view and buy products and services offered by other members within the network.
You'll also be able to offer your own products or services to other members privately and securely.
See our privacy policy for details.

By with Zimbiz.com your products and services will be seen by Zimbiz users and visitors around the world. You will connect with people who are already interested in your services and products.

Hot Spot
Hot Spot is a type of advertising on our web page that gives your ad more exposure than a traditional ad. A Hot Spot ad allows you to post a 234 x 60 half Banner and 250 characters to describe your products or services. This type of ad is highly visible such that when visitors come to the site it's the first thing they'll see.

Directory Listing
This is a free service we provide to businesses and site owners to list their websites on our web page for the rest of the world to see. This exposes businesses and websites to a wider and diverse audience (good for business).
Submit your business for inclusion in our web directory and expand your customer base.
We have every category from news, music, sports, events, health, education, real estate, technology, trade, travel and more...

A Searchable Database
All websites in the database have been review by our editors for relevance and benefit to the Zimbabwean community. We encourage everyone to submit or suggest a site or web page they feel deserve an evaluation and inclusion into the database.

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